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What is the mind?

What is the mind?

Mind is the origin of everything, the way I look at the world is the direct reflection of myself. Originally only the universe exists. This universe is made of one body which is the pure infinite emptiness, energy itself which can create all and every shapes, we can call it the mother of all creations because it created everything that exists in the world.

The mind of the universe is the consciousness that fills the entire emptiness, it dwells everywhere, it is omniscient which means it knows everything , it is the light itself, the one god, we can call it father of all creations because it gives life to all creations.

although this existence is made of a body and a mind, it is one, it always existed, exists now and will exist forever. It is the universe before the universe, although this existence is non material and has no shape, it creates all existing things in the world.

“Tao gives birth to the One, the One gives birth to Two, and from Two emerges Three, Three gives birth to all the things. All things carry the Yin and the Yang, deriving their vital harmony from the proper blending of the two vital forces.” (Tao Te Ching, ch. 42)

People don’t know the world is one because human mind is trapped in his dream like world, the way to find your true mind is to let go of everything that is accumulated in the mind.

Because human mind is made of delusions, there is no truth that can be found there. The way to cleanse the human mind is through following the levels of Maum Meditation:

First level of Maum Meditation

Maum Meditation level 1

Knowing that the universe is me

Let go of your memorized thoughts, after having done so, you will know your true self is this pure universe emptiness, the origin of all creations, when I don’t exist, the true self exists, the true self is the universe emptiness, I am the universe.

“everything was onewhen myself doesn’t exist then the world is one when my self doesn’t exist then my mind is one with the whole universe mind which is the pure infinite universe emptiness”

Second level of Maum Meditation

Maum Meditation level 2

knowing that there is no human mind

Then from this true mind, the mind of the universe you let go of the conceptions of myself my conceptions, beliefs, discrimination of right and wrong, like and dislike, love and hate, high self esteem and low self esteem, everything that defines myself and all the conceptions I have about people. When I think about myself I can recall my self when I’m angry when I’m sad, while I was struggling through life or while I was happy, all these are the conceptions of the self, I lived in my country, my region, my town, my neighborhood, my family, my school all these conceptions confine the human mind in the false belief that the self exists.

Likewise, when I recall someone that I know, i might feel longing, happiness, sadness or anger according to what I have stored in my mind. these feelings are not the actual person, it is only what I have perceived of this person through our relationship, this is why human mind is deceiving, because it is not real, one might expect for someone to do as he wishes, and then say he loves this person, but when something doesn’t happen the way I expect it, my feeling might change because my expectations are not fulfilled.

Through the process of emptying the human mind from all the accumulated pictures of the self and the human relationships,  you will realize all of these self centered conceptions don’t exist then you will know the world is one and I am one with the world because there is no separation between myself and the world.

Third level of Maum Meditation

Maum Meditation level 3

Knowing that the universe is within me

After having emptied the self centered human mind, the consciousness remains trapped into the body, so you can not be one with the universe’s body which is the pure infinite emptiness. In order to understand this, close your eyes and look at your body with your mind’s eye, the body that you can see eyes closed is the self that you created thinking this body is myself, this picture of my body is the exact copy of the material body, it is overlapped on the real body which is why you might not have noticed it.

as soon as you fall asleep, this picture of the self starts moving into the dream world, which means I identified myself to this delusional picture of the body. This picture of the body contains all the habits inherited through your ancestors and accumulated through your past life.

Through the process of Maum Meditation, you will get rid of all the mind accumulated in this false body, although you’ve never seen your organs, if you try to see them with your mind’s eye you should be able to localize your heart, lungs, stomach,  genital organs and so on… in every part of the body certain aspect of the mind are stored and will shape your character and temper, a similar approach can be seen in oriental medicine. While you get rid of the image of the body through Maum Meditation’s method, your consciousness will get broader and won’t be limited to the shape of your body as it used to be.

Then you will know the entire universe is within me. which means when myself image doesn’t exists, everything in the universe is within me.

I will keep you posted about the following level of Maum Meditation, please let me know if you have any questions or if you want to experience Maum Meditation

I am stayin in the main center of Maum Meditation in South Korea

하나 되는 문

The door to become one

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Maum Meditation is throwing away the false mind

Maum Meditation is not about calming the mind, it’s about throwing away everything that you accumulated during you passed life it’s about throwing away even the self who lived this life, It’s about letting go everything that defines my self it’s about uncovering my true self which existed an eternity before and will live forever. Only when you become this true self can you live forever in the true world which is the everlasting world of the body and mind of the universe, only when your mind and body are one with this pure everlasting existence can you truly know what is life, only then can you know that every existence comes from this non existence which is the pure emptiness of the universe the origin of all creation and the mind that fills the entire infinite emptiness.

Only when you become one with this existence will you know what is the true purpose of human life, only then will you know where you come from and where you will go after you die.

The true purpose of human life is to live eternally but human mind is trapped in his own delusions and his false conceptions, when the mind becomes free of all these thing, this is true freedom and eternal hapiness that have no boundaries and no limitation, True love comes from this true mind, true love has no expectations, the whole of creation is true love and true compassion, only when my mind doesn’t exist can I know what is real and make the difference between existence and non existence.

Now is the time when human beings gets enlightened about this truth, now is the time when human beings become one with the everlasting original foundation of the universe now is the time when this existence comes as a human being to make all of us become one with this original holy existence of the truth.

Be blessed be blessed all of you that read this words and throw away your human mind to find the truth that is hidden within you!

Cleanse the mind and answer to the only question that has a value in this world

Who Am I?

Where Am I Going?

and Where Will I Return?

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Maum Meditation

I created this blog to share my experiences about Maum Meditation, the reason why I call it “The Way To Become One” is because after practicing Maum Meditation, I truly felt everything was onewhen myself doesn’t exist then the world is one when my self doesn’t exist then my mind is one with the whole universe mind which is the pure infinite universe emptiness. I started Maum Meditation during my stay in South Korea, I found out about the Main center located in Gyeryong mountains which is a wonderful and unique place on earth and stayed there about 2 years.

Maum Meditation Main Center South Korea

During these 2 years, I could really experience what I only heard about before, after only one week of intense practice, I knew my mind was one with the universe which was truly a blessing to me. I had read a lot of books about spirituality and practiced different types of meditation,  through my search I was really intrigued about what was the meaning of “no self” how could we exist without existing, just before my arrival in the Maum main center, I started to get interested about different kind of spiritual practices from tantric Buddhism and shamanism where you had to visualize yourself dying and eventually be reborn as a totally new existence, although these practices were mostly secret practices only taught from masters to disciples,  while I was practicing Maum Meditation I came to know the true meaning of such practices, I came to realize that the self is just an accumulation of pictures and feelings that we recorded in our mind with the 5 senses, I came to know that the self itself is a creation of the mind and that because we lived attached to the belief of ourselves we lived trapped into our dreamlike mind, for example, when we start to fall asleep, we don’t know the moment that we fall asleep and as we enter into the dream world although our body is still lying down in his bed, a self with the same shape as this body starts to move and have all sorts of activities into the dream, in this dream world we can meet people, go to all kind of places feel emotions, fear hapiness or sadness but still, this is just an illusion which is playing in our mind like a movie.

Through Maum Meditation I realized that all the struggles I’ve been through during my life was the story of this self who lived in his dreamlike world without even knowing that he didn’t exist! Through the practice of Maum Meditation which consists of substracting each and every one of the delusional thoughts that we recorded in our mind during our lifetime I could realize that my true self was this pure and infinite universe emptiness of the universe which is the origin of the whole creations of the universe.

I’ll try to keep you post regularly about my experiences of Maum Meditation, Stay Connected!!

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